Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Vs. Zimmerman

When will people realize that we don't know enough about what happened that night?  We don't know who attacked who or who is responsible.  This is why we don't allow people to be tried in the press.  At first Trayvon was an angel who was shot in a racially motivated shooting by the cruel Hispanic/White man Zimmerman.  Then Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch hero who was attacked from behind by the pot smoking burglarizing black kid.  Now maybe the facts will start to come out as the see-saw of media starts to slow.  It's a new day and they are off to a new subject.  What happened is a tragedy, we can all agree on that.  What the media has done is a travesty!

Why don't they report on the six black guys that beat up the white man in South Carolina?  Why don't they report on the elderly couple that was attacked in their home by two thugs?  Black should not be a protected class any more.  They are U.S. Citizens just like the rest of us.  All that Hate Crimes implicate is a process to control thoughts.  Crime is Crime.  Black on Black.  Black on White.  White on Black.  White on White.  It's all CRIME!  Start treating it as such.

Monday, March 26, 2012

He's giving you a preview

BHO's little slip with an open mic is giving us all a preview of what is to come if he gets re-elected.  He will "have more flexibility" after the election.  Meaning that he will really get busy destroying this country.  He is either planning now on sparking a race war that will allow him to suspend the constitution and declare himself dictator in charge, or he is planning on collapsing the system according to the plan in place. 

The other reason that this statement makes my blood run cold is the fact that I worked in the Secretary of States office for two years.  I know just exactly how easy it is to modify the election results with no one the wiser.  One SQL statement executed makes one guy win over the other, not by a huge margin, but by just enough.  Close enough that that there isn't any doubt, but far enough it won't generate an inquiry.  I have often wondered if that hasn't already happened.  Everyone I talked to says they didn't vote for him, but he won the state of Missouri.  If we didn't vote for him, how did he win?  And will it happen again.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hate Crimes, White on Black only?

Why are hate crimes always white on black?  What about black on white?  Spike Jones tweeting the address of Zimmerman should be considered a hate crime.  He was intentionally passing on information to get that man killed.  What about Farrakhan promoting vigilante justice?  Promoting the black community to kill Zimmerman?  What about the other hate mongers like Jackson and King?  Even our illustrious president has jumped in the fray!  When am I being discriminated against?  Go arrest the real hate mongers.  It is a tragedy that that young man was killed.  Do we know what really happened?  Not yet.  Let the cops do their thing and figure it out.  This may be the spark that starts the revolution.  The only question is "Is the tinder dry enough yet?"

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tension is brewing, how about the tea?

What happened to my tea party?  We all just got disgusted with the choices we were presented?  The one man that had Obama whipped hands down has been run out of the race.  Whatever happened to those women accusing Cain?  They just disappeared after he dropped from the race.  Hmmm, and they all worked for the Democratic National Convention too.  Smells like a watergate situation to me.

Now we have Obama fanning the flames of the race baiting situation.  What does he have to gain from this?  Is he trying to start a civil war so he can suspend the constitution and avoid not being re-elected?  This kid was shot, but oops, it was a hispanic that did it.  How do you spin that into hate by the whites?  That's going to be an interesting one to see. 

And who the hell came up with the birth control BS?  George Stephanopolis!  Why aren't the republicans spinning this right back?  Obama wants to FORCE you to take birth control.  He doesn't want you to have babies!  It has about as much truth as the horse hockey they are spewing out.  Nobody is trying to take birth control away, we just don't want to pay for them to screw around.  Here's an idea.  If I pay for your birth control, you get sterilized!  How about that one?  I would pay for that crap!  Maybe then we would stop breeding idiots that just suck off the government tit!

Ok, my head is spinning and my eyes are bleeding again.  I will leave you with this though, "I do not know what path others shall take, but as for me, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!"

Obama heads to South Korea for nonproliferation summit

Obama heads to South Korea for nonproliferation summit: Nearly 60 world leaders expected to attend.

Wish he'd just stay there

Friday, October 7, 2011

Clueless protestors

The "Occupy" protesters really don't know why they are there.  When interviewed, one woman complained that she can buy McDonalds cheaper than Broccoli.  I don't know where she is buying her broccoli, but she needs to try Wal-Mart.  last time I looked it was about a buck a pound.  Others said they are there because they don't like companies.  Many of them admitted to being socialists or anarchists.  Others just said they were there to support their friends and it was a good time.

Let's assume for a moment that all their wishes came true.  That every bank that wasn't a credit union closed it's doors today forever.  That all the major shopping chains closed.  Where would they get their Starbucks?  I guess clothing wouldn't really matter, because they wouldn't have a job to dress for.  They wouldn't need their Louie Vuitton bags to carry their wallets, because money would become obsolete.  There would be mass famine, because all of the grocery stores would be closed and we are going into winter, so no crops could be grown.  Even if you did grow crops, you couldn't get them to market, because the car manufacturers are a large corp, and they would be gone.  We would return to an agrarian society, so I hope they like digging in the dirt.  You would have to defend your own property, because the police would be disbanded.  And don't plan on running out to buy bullets, remember, those evil corporations are all gone now, so no stores.  Oh, and that welfare check from the government.. useless, money means nothing now because we have moved back to a barter system. 

I wonder if these people ever sit down and really think about what would happen if they win?  Do they really want to lose all of our modern day conveniences and move back to living like the Amish and Mennonites do?  Driving our buggies down the ever deteriorating roads?  Cooking by candle light?  I don't think they really do.  What I think they really want is someone to hand them a huge chunk of cash on a silver platter so they can continue sitting around their Starbucks, surfing the net for a new cause to join, and complaining that the world doesn't understand.  I have to say that I agree with Herman Cain, if you aren't employed and you're not wealthy, blame yourself.  The mainstream media says that statement will be the end of Cain.  I think they are wrong.  I think it will be a rallying cry.  It points to the heart of the problem. The elitist attitude of the liberal left who won't take a job that they consider is beneath them and want the world handed to them on a silver platter.  They are a spoiled child who needs a good spanking and then some strong parental guidance.  But that is just my opinion.  What's yours?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don't speak you mind or pay the price

Hank Williams Jr. has opinions, and like most rural/country folks, he is not afraid to share them.

I watched this interview live, and when he spoke his mind I told my husband, "They are going to crucify him".  Well, ESPN has done just that.  After so many years of having him do their monday night football opening, they have cancelled his contract because of what he said in the interview.

Judging by the over 3000 comments on the news story, I think ESPN may have just signed their death warrent.  Their ratings were already failing, now they have royally pissed off a large number of their audience.   They support Liberal Fascists like Madonna, and convicted Rapists like Mike Tyson and Kobe Bryant, drug dealing players like Michael Vick, and the plethora of other criminals that they have put on the field because they can catch a ball.  They continue their support of them, but fire one guy that has a differing opinion on politics?!!

Hank was right, Obama has done nothing but polarize our nation and brought us to the brink of war.  We let this sneak up on us folk.  The socialists have quietly infiltrated our great country and they are making their move to take over.  We need to stop this now.  I leave you today with a quote. 

"a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."   - Gerald Ford