Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Vs. Zimmerman

When will people realize that we don't know enough about what happened that night?  We don't know who attacked who or who is responsible.  This is why we don't allow people to be tried in the press.  At first Trayvon was an angel who was shot in a racially motivated shooting by the cruel Hispanic/White man Zimmerman.  Then Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch hero who was attacked from behind by the pot smoking burglarizing black kid.  Now maybe the facts will start to come out as the see-saw of media starts to slow.  It's a new day and they are off to a new subject.  What happened is a tragedy, we can all agree on that.  What the media has done is a travesty!

Why don't they report on the six black guys that beat up the white man in South Carolina?  Why don't they report on the elderly couple that was attacked in their home by two thugs?  Black should not be a protected class any more.  They are U.S. Citizens just like the rest of us.  All that Hate Crimes implicate is a process to control thoughts.  Crime is Crime.  Black on Black.  Black on White.  White on Black.  White on White.  It's all CRIME!  Start treating it as such.

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